WSI International
WSI International
Wastewater Treatment and Equipment

Wastewater Equipment

WSI International designs and builds efficient wastewater treatment equipment suited to the needs of different industries, including Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage, Municipal and Mining industries.

Over 30 years in the wastewater plant and equipment manufacturing industry, we are an industry leader in DAF and press design. Our commitment to quality has helped us win multiple awards and patents throughout the wastewater industry. 

The equipment we manufacture includes dissolved air flotation systems or DAFs, belt presses, polymer systems, and custom screens.
Dissolved Air Flotation Remove TSS

Awards and Patents

With multiple awards and patents for both DAF and Presses, WSI International is and will continue to be a true equipment innovator. WSI proceeds to improve wastewater technologies with multi-zone DAF systems and innovative three-wire belt presses.
Large Dissolved Air Flotation Unit

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

WSI has been manufacturing DAF systems for over 20 years. Each DAF is designed and built for each customer to exceed TSS removal requirements. Our DAF systems are currently in the Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, Municipal, Mining, and Industrial markets.

WSI has continued to improve DAF technology and costs over the years.
Large Belt Press

Belt Presses

WSI's belt press technology and design have been around since the early 80's. Starting in the pulp and paper industry, they quickly grew in popularity and are now standard equipment in many major markets.

WSI has a team of full-time engineers that continue to develop upon the technology with modern efficiencies. 


Fully Package DAF System

Fully Packaged DAF System

Two Stage DAF

R-50 Two Stage DAF

R-50 Trailer Rental

50 GPM Trailer Rental