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Wastewater Treatment and Equipment

Wastewater Treatment Designs

WSI International provides a full-scale wastewater treatment system design and building service that meets all safety, local and regional standards. A team of experienced engineers, we are committed to delivering innovative treatment system designs tailored to your industry's standards and needs.

Our treatment system designs are of three types- modular, containerized, and design-build systems, which come with their varying benefits depending on your budget and industry requirement.
Design-Build Wastewater Plant

Design-Build Systems

WSI can design-build small to extensive wastewater treatment facilities to meet the demand of a municipality, land developer, or community site. We've worked closely with state and county regulators for over 30 years; quickly permitted, our designs our council favorites. 

Modular Wastewater Plant

Packaged WWTP Systems

Modular or "Packaged" wastewater treatment systems come prefabricated and mechanically tested before they leave the factory. These systems are ideal for a project on a tight time constraint, need a small footprint, or have limited access to sub-contractors.
Containerized Wastewater Plant

Containerized Systems

Containerized wastewater systems fit in a standard container and are easily shippable by land, air, or sea. Air conditioners or Heaters are typically provided in the units to maintain optimal operating temperatures. They come with complete controls, sensors, and remote connectivity. 

A Typical Packaged Plant Process

Packaged Wastewater Plant Process