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    WSI provides a unique range of custom and standard equipment.

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Who We Are

WSI International, LLC is a multidisciplinary engineering firm that provides cost effective solutions to complex environmental problems.


WSI provides a varied product offering for water and wastewater treatment including design/build, packaged plants, design engineering, and management. With over 35 years of direct experience in the water and wastewater treatment field, WSI personnel are dedicated to providing sound engineering solutions to clients while minimizing overall project costs and quality exceeding the most extreme expectations.


What We Do

WSI designs and manufacturers water and wastewater treatment equipment and turn-key packages for private, municipal and industrial treatment sectors.

WSI's team of engineers has the knowledge and expertise to effectively carry out a broad spectrum of environmental projects. As part of our product package, WSI provides complete design and engineering services.

Depending on project requirements, WSI can create custom packages, pre-built or installed on site, retrofit existing facilities, perform installation and start-up services, provide operational training and/or staffing, and develop residual waste management solutions.


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Featured Equipment

  • Oil and Gas Wastewater TreatmentFrac Flowback Treatment

    WSI has completed it's final stages of field testing for frac flowback treatment. We've come up with a practical and economical solution. This modular design contains a R75-OG DAF, Three Wire Press and complete control system. This unique design will revolutionize how the oil and gas industry manages their wastewater and drilling fluids in the field.

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  • Dissolved Air Flotation2014 DAF Improvements

    WSI has spent the last quarter of 2014 improving and optimizing it's DAF designs across all series. Improvements will allow for more flow in a smaller footprint, improved sludge handing, easier operation and cost saving that will be past on to our customers.

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  • Waste Water Belt PressThree Wire Press

    WSI designed an innovative press to directly tackle the problems that oil and gas companies have with their solids management programs. This press features three belts that are driven separately to prevent "rolling" and damage to the belts. We've also incorporated an extended gravity deck to improve performance. Call us today to find out more how this press can dramatically improve your operations.

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  • Waste Water Belt PressMobile DAF Unit

    WSI has designed a DAF system specifically for the oil and gas market. Our mobile design allows an R-150 to be easily deployed and setup anywhere in the continental United States. The R-150 mobile unit will dramatically reduce trucking costs in and out of your operations. Bring a wastewater plant to your site today! Read more about our unit in the brochure below.

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  • Waste Water Belt PressFrac Water Treatment

    This three stage DAF design is made to fit into either a fixed facility or our module design. This DAF will float oil in the first zone, settle solids in the second and float solids in the third. WSI’s proprietary DAF and chemical design creates the ultimate machine for frac and flowback treatment. Best of all the water can be reused for fracking our brine production.

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